Why You Didn’t Get the Interview

by Wall Street Job Report on August 7, 2012

With a down economy, most of us have heard accounts of job seekers sending out 100, 200, perhaps 300 résumés without getting even one response. To anyone who has sent out large quantities of résumés without any response or interviews, I offer this advice: The complete lack of response is not due to the economy. It’s based on your résumé, your experience, or your résumé submission itself.

My intent here is to help and certainly not to offend, so if you are one of these people that has had a hard time finding new work, please view this as free advice mixed with a touch of tough love….If you apply for a job and don’t receive a response, there are only a few possibilities as to why that are within our control (please note the emphasis before commenting). Generally the problem is:

1. a mistake made during the résumé submission itself
2. problems with the résumé
3. your experience

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Blame the victim, yet again. Enough! It is the lack of professionalism of the folks at HR. Also the HUGE number of unemployed, with great credentials.

by Anise on August 7, 2012 at 7:47 pm. Reply #

I have global experience as a freelance project manager in the IT field. I have worked in over 50 nations, hold a BS in computer science and an MBA from a well known business school. In my experience PM positions in the USA pay less, offer less benefits, require more time / effort due to poorer planning & dubious funding relative to European & Asian positions. The US corps looks at PM’s as either lead tech staff or as a person with very limited power that just tracks events using the preferred methodology that happens to be in vogue. European corps expect much more on average from a PM and in turn the position is more highly coveted requiring a multiplicity of skills. In the US employers look for PM’s with an extremely specific skill set that in reality defeats the purpose of a project managers skills. Hence, I have rarely worked stateside and will likely move over seas permanently.

by Scott Kent on August 8, 2012 at 3:32 am. Reply #

That is a pile of crap.

Resume systems generally do not work.

and there are other reasons that you might not have mentioned.

Thanks for “listening”

by James Bressingham on August 8, 2012 at 6:48 am. Reply #

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