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Wall Street Gaming Romney Win: ‘Trillions at Stake’

by Wall Street Job Report on October 24, 2012

Wall Street is beginning to game out what will happen to Federal Reserve policy and interest rates if Republican Mitt Romney is elected president.

Analysis: The Final Presidential Debate of 2012

by Kyle Colona on October 23, 2012

 President Obama may have won last night’s foreign policy-focused debate on “points” but the question remains as to whether he is winning the argument over who should be the next leader of the free world. Obviously, Mr. Obama has the (…)

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Romney’s Tax Deduction and Other Top Stories on the 25th Anniversary of Black Monday

by Kyle Colona on October 19, 2012

Romney’s Tax Deduction Cap Could Raise $1.3 Trillion! Newsflash: Mitt Romney may not be a liar after all. In fact, the Wall Street Journal reports that a new analysis by the Tax Policy Center supports the GOP presidential candidate’s claim (…)

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Obama Wins Rematch by Split Decision

by Kyle Colona on October 17, 2012

The difference between the first two debates, other than last night’s town hall style slugfest, is that President Obama showed up. Not only was he far better prepared, he was ready to rumble. And while this performance will revive the (…)

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Kid Rock Throws Down for Mitt Romney

by Kyle Colona on October 10, 2012

For those about to rock, beware as Kid Rock is supporting the GOP ticket in the coming presidential election. Whether or not his endorsement will sway voters of either political stripe is uncertain if not highly doubtful. Perhaps Paul Ryan’s (…)

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