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BlackRock to lay off nearly 300 employees

by Wall Street Job Report on March 19, 2013

BlackRock Inc (BLK.N), the world’s largest money manager, will lay off nearly 300 employees, or about 3 percent of its workforce, according to an internal memo obtained by Reuters.

Hey Wall Street, Get Ready for More Layoffs

by Wall Street Job Report on January 15, 2013

Wall Streeters better dust off their resumes. Layoffs are coming.

Credit Suisse to Axe 100 UK Jobs

by Wall Street Job Report on November 27, 2012

Credit Suisse will cut about 100investment banking jobs in Britain as part of its restructuring plans designed to find 4 billion Swiss francs (2.7 billion pounds) of savings by 2015, the Financial Times reported on Tuesday.

The Problem With Investment Banking

by Beth Connolly on September 18, 2012

Another week, another wave of layoff announcements in investment banking. This week, it’s Deutsche Bank and Nomura. Deutsche plans to cut senior investment banking jobs in Dubai, according to Reuters. Meanwhile, Nomura has cut a group of about five proprietary (…)

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Don’t Get Fired: How To Protect Your Job In A Difficult Economy

by Beth Connolly on August 9, 2012

Another day, another layoff announcement: so it goes on Wall Street. Every Wall Street professional knows that the next layoff is always looming behind poor earnings in one quarter or a management shakeup. Wall Street hires aggressively—and fires aggressively. But (…)

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