8 Things You Should Never Lie About on Your Resume

by Wall Street Job Report on July 11, 2012

A little white lie on your resume may seem innocuous, especially in this challenging job market, but the potential fallout can be nothing short of catastrophic.

“Companies want to mitigate risks to prevent problems such as internal fraud, information leakage, kickbacks, bribery and corruption. Having a bad employee on board can be more serious than people think, especially in financial industries where information is more sensitive,” said Kelvin Ko, managing director, Verity Consulting, a Hong Kong-based commercial investigation firm.

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One comment

What happens when a former employer lies about you on your FINRA status.

And gets away with it! What do you do then ?

I would like to know where Justice lies.


by Thomas Anderson on July 12, 2012 at 8:33 am. Reply #

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